Swim Group Descriptions


CV Breakers Swim Group Descriptions

Pre-Breakers 1

Swimmers who are new to the sport or have minimal experience/skill in the pool.

Outcome Goals:

  • Fun Fun Fun – water introduction and games
  • Front and back floats and glides
  • Kick with floatation
  • introduction of arms - freestyle
  • introduction to deeper water- assisted
  • games in deeper water-assisted
  • swim freestyle for over 5m

Pre-Breakers 2

Swimmers who have the skill/experience that can complete skills in pre-breakers 1

Outcome Goals:

  • Fun Fun Fun – shift from shallow to increasing deeper water
  • Games and skills geared towards being comfortable in deeper water
  • Floating, glides and kicking with floatation for longer lengths
  • Continue to develop freestyle stroke
  • Intro into back stroke – assisted to unassisted
  • Jump into deep water – assisted to unassisted
  • Sit dive
  • Intro into lane swimming – how to swim lanes, respecting other swimmers in your lane.

Pre-Breakers 3

Swimmers should feel comfortable within the kids/wave pool.

Outcome goals:

  • Work mainly within the lane set up within the kids/wave pool
  • Continue to develop kick with floatation
  • Continue to develop freestyle and back strokes
  • Work towards completing full length unassisted swim
  • Games – holding breath, retrieving objects – assisted to unassisted
  • Continue intro into competition pool, jump off start blocks, swim in lane
  • Swim 15m unassisted

Junior Development

Swimmers who possess the water skill and experience to swim 15m unassisted and are comfortable within the competition pool.

Outcome goals:

  • Continue to develop front and back kick- with and without floatation
  • Introduction to flippers and other equipment to enhance skills
  • Continue to develop proper technique within individual stroke
  • Introduction to breastroke – kick and arm motion, individually and together
  • Introduction to dolphin kick and butterfly stroke
  • Swim full length of pool unassisted
  • Swim full length of pool around 30 sec.
  • Fun races


Swimmers who possess ability to swim full length of pool, around 30 sec and are striving to continuously swim multiple lengths without stopping.

Outcome Goals:

  • Continue to develop proper technique in all four strokes.
  • Continue to develop components of stroke with aids, i.e. flippers
  • Intro into proper turns
  • Intro into proper starts
  • Intro into breath control
  • Work towards completing two lengths, without stopping of each individual stroke

Intermediate 1

Swimmers who are capable of completing all four strokes with confidence and ability for at least one length without stopping.

Outcome Goals:

  • Continue to develop proper stroke technique with the focus towards length and efficiency.
  • Use equipment aids to develop strength within components of the stroke
  • Introduction to proper underwater technique
  • Continue to develop proper starts and turns
  • Introduction to incorporating starts and turns with underwater technique
  • Intro into speed training
  • Basic understanding of swim sets and language

Intermediate 2

Swimmers who possess the ability to swim multiple lengths of each stroke continuously.

Outcome Goals:

  • Continue to develop individual stroke weaknesses
  • Continue to develop Starts, turns and underwater technique
  • Continue to develop breath control, stroke count
  • Continue to develop physical strength through swim equipment
  • Swim drills isolating components of the stroke
  • Understanding of swim sets and why they are done


Swimmers who are competent in each stroke. Are working towards constant improvement and efficiency.

Goal Outcomes:

  • Individual stroke assessment, technical focuses and skill development
  • Improving strength through isolation drills
  • Use of swim equipment for stroke isolation
  • Understanding of swim sets, the purpose they are put together
  • Reaching personal goals
  • Respectful competitive atmosphere